Alice Bird

Alice Bird has lived and worked in Agadir for nearly 4 years. In her leisure time, she actively engages in supporting a local orphanage. She visits the children once a week to spend some time with them.

A childhood dream come true

At the age of twelve, Alice spent her first holiday in Morocco. Her entire family was enthusiastic, and Alice announced right away: “This is where I want to live when I grow up.” Her dream persisted and actually came true. It is now more than three and a half years since Alice moved to Agadir thanks to her job at TUI Destination Services.

Fundraising campaign with results

In response to an appeal for donations made by TUI at Christmas 2015, Alice and her colleagues decided to support the local orphanage in Agadir. When Alice visited the children for the first time, she was deeply moved by their fate and decided to go beyond this one-time commitment.

" I think I've learned to appreciate my life so much and the upbringing that I have had. I've had a lovely life and I hope these children will have the opportunity to have the same. "

Sharing her good fortune

Since then, Alice has visited the children once a week on her afternoon off. Regardless of whether she plays with them, takes them on a trip or helps to dress and feed the children, they love the attention and affection as well as the time spent together. And for Alice, it is the greatest pleasure to share her good fortune and give back to the children.