Anja Seidel

Volunteer Anja Seidel, mother of two, sews baby clothes and items for preemies or so-called “star babies” born before they are viable or stillborn.

How it all started

From an early age, sewing has been part of Anja’s life. Having grown up in the former GDR, it was absolutely normal for her to see her mother sew some clothes herself. However, her own interest in sewing only arose when she had become a mother herself. It all started when she was looking for a specific nappy changing bag but was unable to find it anywhere. She thus spontaneously decided to sew a bag herself based on her own ideas. Since then, she has – in her own words – been an enthusiastic “sewing addict”.

Sternenzauber und Frühchenwunder

Based on her own experience, Anja came across the Sternenzauber und Frühchenwunder e.V. registered charity. She had two difficult pregnancies herself. This experience has shown her that even supposedly small things may make it easier for parents to get through the difficult time. More than 1,400 volunteers support the charity by producing items including clothes, blankets, keepsakes on their own at home or at joint sewing and crafting sessions, produce scent bonding cloths, incubator blankets and decoration for preemie wards in hospitals, draw and make cards and many other items for preemies and “star” babies. Regardless of how long a pregnancy had lasted, five weeks or more, all parents requesting support will be assisted. Support is also offered to siblings, e.g. through the little book “How Harry Hare travelled to the stars”, specifically developed for that purpose with a story designed to help the siblings handle the loss of their baby brother or sister.

" The idea of offering a little bit of support to somebody else in such a difficult situation makes me happy. "


Giving back

Anja regularly spends her leisure time sitting at the sewing machine. Here, she can relax and take some time out from her otherwise very busy schedule. Apart from her husband and children, she lives with two cats and three hens, former laying hens she has saved from the slaughter house through the Rettet das Huhn e.V. charity. Anja is aware that other people may have been less fortunate than herself. That is why she wants to give back and support others going through a difficult time.