Corinne Cichacki

Robinson employee Corinne Cichacki was born HIV positive. After she had to keep her disease a secret for many years, she now actively promotes openness in dealing with HIV and seeks to encourage other people affected.

Overshadowed childhood

Corinne grows up in a loving foster family in a Bavarian village. Life in the countryside offers the little girl many advantages including a beautiful big house and the opportunity to romp around outdoors. However, village life also has its disadvantages. Corinne’s school principal urgently advises her foster parents not to publicly disclose her HIV infection. For fear of stigmatisation and social exclusion, the family decides to keep the disease a secret, enabling Corinne to protect herself from hostility and marginalisation. However, silence is also a burden. 

'Corinne’s secret'

Apart from close family friends, only a film crew filming Corinne’s development from the age of eight is privy to the secret. When she comes of age, the report is broadcasted for the first time under the title ‘Corinne’s secret’, publicly disclosing her disease. A difficult step, which was far from easy for Corinne. She was terribly afraid of the reactions from people around her. 

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" I now simply live with it, and I am very glad so many people know about it now so that I can live life much more freely. "

The courage to speak out

After her coming out, a new life starts for Corinne. Finally, she can openly talk about her disease and does not have to hide any longer. The feedback from her private and professional environments is positive across the board. Robinson Club Esquinzo Playa in Fuerteventura, where Corinne now lives and works, fully backs the 21-year-old. Corinne is contacted by many people interested in or affected by HIV, asking her for advice and encouragement.

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Article from the Neon Magazin