Horst Wulze

At 76, Horst Wulze is considered the world’s oldest “Robin”.

Everything started at the age of 66

Horst originally trained as a typesetter and spent most of his life in newspaper production. His career as a Robinson Club entertainer only started when he had retired, in March 2007. Since then, Horst from Hanover has been to almost all Clubs and has worked in many of them.

“The Horst principle”

Two years ago, Horst created some media hype after a long article about him was published by the German weekly Die Zeit, presenting him as the most popular Robinson entertainer. The report was followed by further newspaper articles and TV reports. A German couple, friends of his, even had autograph cards printed for Horst.


" I was alone and asked myself: Now, what are you going to do!? Either you stay at home and languish, or you take your life into your own hands and carry on. And I decided to look ahead. "

A second life

Horst owes his popularity among the guests first and foremost to his openness and positive attitude to life, although his entertainment career had in fact arisen from a situation of distress. In order to cope with the death of his wife, Horst returns to the place where the couple had spent their last holiday together: Robinson Club Soma Bay. This decision completely changes the pensioner’s life.