Jonathan Buswell

At the age of 15, Jonathan was in prison. Today, he works for TUI as a tour rep, is a young entrepreneur and actively supports socially deprived young people.

From small-time criminal to Entrepreneur of the Year

At the age of 15, Jonathan decided to radically change his life. On his birthday, he sat in the back seat of a police car and decided that he was going to be a successful entrepreneur within 10 years’ time. By now, 7 years later, he has graduated from school with distinction, was honoured as college “Student of the Year” several times, and has started his own business.

He wants to give something back

During the four months he does not spend touring Spain as a travel rep, he supports his mother and steps into the role of “surrogate father” for his brothers and sisters. Social commitment is very important to him. At 22, he already assumes responsibility, stepping into his father’s shoes.

" Every day, I make new plans to improve things further. My goal is to continue to develop and help as many people as possible. "

The “garden gnomes“

At the age of 18, Jonathan sets up his own business: the “garden gnomes”. He supports young, unemployed people in the neighbourhood facing bleak prospects for the future. These young people make some extra money through gardening and helping out with other duties, giving them hope for a better future.