Paul Gilliam

Once a year, Paul organises a spectacular hiking challenge in Gran Canaria to collect donations for a local breast cancer organisation.

Paul Gilliam

From aircraft engineer to tour rep

45-year-old Paul is a trained aircraft engineer from Southampton in the UK. His life changes due to a stroke of fate so he decides to go away and make a fresh start. He moves to Gran Canaria, becomes a tour rep and works his way up to team manager within two years.

Travel is his passion

With his girlfriend Sharon, who is also a team manager in Gran Canaria, he puts his heart into his job for nine months a year so that they can spend the other three months discovering the world. They mark out their destinations on a world map hanging on the wall at home. Their dream: A tour through South America.

" The most important thing to me is to be happy and enjoy life. Work hard, play very hard, be loyal to people and enjoy yourself and give something back. "

The Long Walk

When a friend in Gran Canaria draws his attention to ACCM – a local organisation supporting women with breast cancer – he immediately decides to help, as that is something he cares a lot about. The two of them create the Long Walk.

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