Samuel Kuhn

Passionate floorball player Samuel Kuhn travels to Nepal to support street children and learns a lot about himself and his life in Switzerland.

The idea

Where to go for your annual leave? Whether adventure tour, beach holiday or city trip: TUI employees, above all, have many different answers to that question. However, Samuel wanted to go one step further and do something useful during his holidays. The 27-year-old came across the perfect idea when he visited a floorball match of his home team, the Kloten-Bülach Jets. The Swiss national had started playing floorball as a young child. He even worked his way up to Switzerland’s top league. However, due to a part-time university degree course attended alongside his job, he temporarily suspended his active sports career in his early twenties. Nevertheless, he has always remained loyal to floorball.

The club

At his team’s home matches, he comes across ‘Floorball for street kids’. The association supports children in developing countries. Samuel searches the website and finds a project that immediately attracts his interest. He travels to Nepal with a group of like-minded people to build a floorball field for street kids. They also offer training for floorball trainers and, of course, play floorball with the kids. For Samuel, it is an ideal combination: doing sports and doing good.

" What was particularly impressive for me was to see how the kids really won my heart. The joy the children had when we engaged in activities with them […] this will be unforgettable for the rest of my life. "


Back home

After three weeks, he returns to his home town Zurich. He had only been away for a relatively short period of time. And yet, Samuel has changed. He now appreciates many things he used to take for granted in Switzerland. His visit to Nepal and his encounters with locals have created a lasting change in his awareness of the amenities but also the problems in our society.