The alternative-rock band "Seelberg" is one of the big names in the local music scene in Hanover. What is special about them: three of the band's four members are TUI colleagues.

Workshop with consequences

Five years ago, what was probably the first "TUI-Band" worldwide was founded. At a workshop, the members of the group started talking about their joint passion in life – music – and spontaneously arranged to hold a jam session. All of them immediately hit it off together and the band has continued to exist in varying constellations right up to the present day.

Shelter on the Seelberg

The current band consists of the founding members Ecki Neumann (guitar) and Madeleine Maaß (singer), drummer Marc Staupendahl as well as bassist Stefan Stollberg, who joined the band a few years ago. In the meantime, the band has developed its repertoire of own songs and even a professional music video. The band owes its name to their rehearsal room, an old shelter on the street "Am Seelberg".

Seelberg Band Website

Seelberg on Facebook

" What makes us special as a band, is really the energy and the love for music. "

A passion that binds

Once a week, Seelberg rehearse for several hours. Then there appearances on the weekends. A hobby that is very time-consuming and also regularly demands understanding from family and friends. But Madeleine, Ecki and Marc are all agreed: life would be impossible without music. For them the band provides an important balance to the sometimes stressful everyday life. And a place where colleagues became close friends.