TUI Über Fingerprints

The fingerprint

Inconspicuous and invisible. And yet, it clearly identifies every person, as it is unique. As unique as the stories told under this heading.


With 17 cruise ships, 5 airlines flying more than 150 aircraft, 1,600 travel agencies and more than 380 Group-owned hotels and 180 destinations, TUI is the world’s number one travel group. Nevertheless, the driving force behind all of this are people. 70,000 employees, sharing joint values:

Trusted, Unique, Inspiring.

These people do not just bring these values to life by what they do, but above all by who they are. People with extraordinary stories, exceptional commitment, adventurous leisure time activities or a life off the beaten track.

After all, it is the people behind the brand that make TUI more than a travel group.

“Fingerprints” tells their stories.

TUI people polaroid

The idea

Fingerprints is a series of reports presenting the people behind the TUI brand and giving the Group a face. They all embrace our corporate values “Trusted, Unique, Inspiring“ and fill them with life – not just by what they do for our Group, but above all by what they do beyond their work, and by who they are. They are at the heart of TUI.